Wellness Programs


Do you struggle sticking to anything and find it hard to achieve your health goals?

Are you confused by all the mixed messages that are currently circulating on health and wellness and which avenue is the best to take?

I hear you!

It is hard to keep up and juggle life commitments and prioritise yourself. If you want to commit to yourself and be guided by me, a qualified practitioner then the 10 Point Tune Up program is for you!

All programs are individualised to your main health goals and the sessions can be amended to suit your priorities.

Health & Wellness Retreats
Nutritionist and Wellness Coach


This program allows for better structure, education and motivation and therefore better accountability for both you and me!

Consultations may be fortnightly initially then drop to monthly at a later stage.

Every appointment starts with us checking in – we will reviewing wins and losses since the last appt, making adjustments as necessary, reprioritising & re-engaging with your bigger goals. This program employs the very latest in pathology interpretation, VLA assessment, functional pathology testing (if necessary) and Kinesiology Practises.

  1. Initial – fact finding consultation – I asks loads of questions about your health, top to tail and life current and past. I will make requests for individualised further testing and initial recommendations are made.
  2. 2nd – Emotional Fitness session – In this consult I draw on my coaching skills to help you to identifying your priorities, where you get energy, happiness & pleasure. We will also make an assessment of self & external support.
  3. 3rd – Testing Review – Unravel the mystery of your individual biochemistry. Learn the deeper meaning behind all your test results, as I explain what they mean to you and your health.
  4. 4th – Finding your Real Food Friends – review of your diet and common diets, the good and the not so good. Focusing on getting the most nutrition into your diet. Gain a personalised tailored & realistic plan.
  5. 5th – Supplements & First Steps – The good the bad & the ugly, explaining all about supplements, which ones and why and what you need to get started on.
  6. 6th – Review – progress check and possible re-testing with bloods or other tests
  7. 7th – Personalised Pantry Check Up or Shopping trip – what to look for on food labels, ingredients to be avoided & how consumers are often mislead. You have the choice of Cassandra coming to your home to look at your Pantry and provide ideas about simple swaps that could be made or You can choose to go shopping to a grocery store where we will look at different food choices.
  8. 8th Upskill session (Gut Health or Hormones or any topic of your choice) – the ins and outs of Gut health, why is it so important and necessary!
  9. 9th – Stress (or other topic of choice) – the modern day dilemma, how stress affects our body physically and the best stress relieving practices.
  10. 10th – That’s a wrap…but not the end! Let’s celebrate how far you have come and where to go from here. How to continue keeping up your wellness journey, we will discuss supplements and diet and how to maintain your results. We will look at new motivations, where your happiness & pleasure are coming from and what can get in the way and set new goals. We will review pathology results, VLA assessments and discuss any testing that may be of benefit in the future.

Cost $750 (can be paid in 2 payments of $375 or 1 upfront payment)

Save $280 (savings price compared with regular consultation fee)


Cassandra also offers Detoxifcation and Gut Health Programs