I run Wellness with Soul workshops, seminars and retreats to share my expertise about nutrition & other health-related matters. I guide you through the workshop topic, breaking it down so it’s simple to understand & easy to follow. Plus I’m there to answer any questions you may have.

Examples workshops include;

1 or 2 Day Workshops Wellness With Soul – All Things Physical, Mental & Emotional Wellness

Weight Loss with Soul – 1 day workshop or Retreat style, learning about weight loss from a physical and Emotional perspective.

1 Day Creating Wellness Workshop – Making Wellness a Grounded Everyday Practice

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Next Workshop

Creating Wellness One Day Workshop
Saturday March 30 2019

Do you struggle sticking to anything and find it hard to achieve your health goals?


Are you confused by all the mixed messages that are currently circulating on health and wellness and which avenue is the best to take?


I hear you!

It is hard to keep up and juggle life commitments and prioritise yourself. We have created a One day workshop specifically for prioritising self-care! If you want to commit to yourself and be guided by qualified practitioners then this one day workshop is for you!

In this one day workshop we will explore self care as a grounded practice and what that looks like in terms of small actionable steps. We will discuss the latest in weight loss (different strategies that may be of benefit to lose & maintain weight & what gets in the way of weight loss), gut health (cause good health starts in the gut!), stress (The modern day dilemma), increasing energy and finding your mojo/motivation to stick with something and create the health you have always wanted.


As part of this one day workshop, Cassandra will be joined by Astrologer and Psychotherapist, Tamika Dwight-Scott who will look at your Astrological Roadmap for 2019

What does 2019 have in store for you?

Tamika will look at the current transits and what is happening Astrologically, which will give you an indication of what areas of your life will be energetically highlighted and how that will align with your goals for 2019.

Creating Wellness One Day Workshop
Saturday March 30 2019

WHERE: Property 3/360 Matcham Road, Matcham

TIME: 9-3:30pm

COST: $195 (including Lunch)
One day to empower yourself to health! Full of fun, inspiration &education & a Delicious Lunch!

Please provide details of your date, time and place of birth prior to the workshop

This One Day Worksop is for you if:

  • You want to turn self-care into a habit.
  • You want cutting edge information about the latest weight-loss techniques, the importance of gut health, stress relief &sleep strategies and emotional eating strategies.
  • You would love to see how the stars are aligning for you this year.
  • You want to dedicate time and space to creating a Wellness Plan that is specific for you, with actionable steps to help move you closer to your goals.

Join Cassandra and Tamika for this amazing one day workshop and have all the confusion taken out of health!

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