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Self-Sabotage vs Self Nurture

Self-care would have to be the number one most important thing to do for ourselves & our health. It is the number one piece of advice me and most other healthcare practitioners would advise people to do, foster self-care, MIND YOURSELF.

But I want to talk more about the difference between self-care and self-sabotage and how to recognise when we could be sabotaging ourselves versus nurturing ourselves. It can be a fine line and a tough line to see as we can believe that we are nurturing ourselves but we are actually in the long run sabotaging ourselves. Good examples of this could be having a long term goal of weight loss (self-care – healthier physical body and most likely happier in self) and continuing to ‘nurture’ yourself after a hard day’s work with wine, chocolate or cheese and biscuits. Or, wanting to increase fitness levels (self-care – taking care of long term health through healthier body & mind) but continuing to stay in bed in the mornings when you had scheduled exercise. Having a wine or piece of chocolate can be totally helpful and nurturing SOMETIMES, or having a good old sleep in is TOTALLY necessary at times as well, it’s about finding the balance between nurturing yourself in the moment and keeping in mind your long term goal. If I want to increase my fitness levels I WILL need to exercise, that’s a reality. And exercise is good for me so I am taking care of myself by exercising. So, when I wake up in the morning and I’m feeling super tired from a bad night’s sleep and it’s so cold outside and my bed is so nice and warm, I have to ask myself “WHAT IS MY NUMBER ONE NEED RIGHT NOW”? “Which activity is going to make me feel the best in the long run”? Is it staying in bed and getting some extra sleep so I can be happier throughout the day and function clearer or is it getting out of bed and exercising which will take me a step closer to my long term goal and I will most likely feel energised from the exercise? If staying in bed is truly what you need in that moment (which it totally can be) just recommit to exercising the next day, no need to beat yourself up over it.

When we find ourselves sabotaging our efforts to achieve a long term goal it could be to do with a part of ourselves being unsure about the reality of achieving our goal. For example, I want a thriving business; having a thriving business in reality means I will be busier and have less time for certain things. I have had to address the part of me that is concerned about not having enough time, and the fear around being too busy to move forward with my goal and stop sabotaging it by doing no work. Sometimes this could be slightly out of our awareness and will require some thought and checking in with yourself and your goal. A common one with weight loss can be to do with a subconscious belief about our family or friends not liking us thinner or ‘how will my friend feel if I am smaller and she is still larger’ or ‘I won’t be able to maintain the results’ or ‘I don’t believe I can sustain this lifestyle’ and the list goes on.

If we have long term goals they require daily small steps to attain them and daily choices. When the goal can seem far away we can lose sight and feel uninspired so it is really important to make sure the goal FEELS good. If you are finding it way too hard to get out of bed earlier to exercise assess how the end goal feels, assess if it’s possible to exercise at other times that may be easier and assess if you really want to achieve better health and fitness and what thought patterns are getting in your way. It may be as simple as a change of mindset from ‘I want to stay in my bed as its warm, cosy and I’m tired’, to’ I’m choosing to get up and exercise today as it moves me closer to my end goal and will make me feel good, and I can sleep in tomorrow’. Recognising the difference between self-sabotage and self-care is an essential if you are finding you just can’t seem to kick into action. Check in with yourself to see what you REALLY need, some reassessment may actually be what are needed.

I draw on my transpersonal coaching skills to specifically look at individual behaviours, lifestyle, your emotions & any specific goals you want to achieve. If you would like to book in for a coaching session please click here

Cassandra x

Cassandra Parrish Nutritionist

Food, Friend or Foe?

Food Support Vs Problem??

We all need support; we need support in many different ways and from many different people and things. The reality is we don’t always get the support we need. This happens for many different reasons, we may not be able to ask for it, we may not know what support we need, and we may not have it physically available to us.

Support is different things for different people. To some it may mean help around the house or with their children, to others it may be their friend network that offer emotional support, it may be paid support via helping professionals and to some it may be exercise or food. Yes, I just said food. That may sound crazy but the reality is we are emotional beings and those emotions are entwined with our food choices. It’s what’s known as emotional eating. “Emotional eating”, I feel, gets a pretty bad wrap and most people associate it with negativity and it doesn’t always need to be. Food can be used as a support when the emotional eating that occurs is making us feel good/better and when the food is not being used to disguise or numb what is really going on. We celebrate with food and we console with food, we can have happy childhood memories brought back to life through food and have many amazing celebrations that include family and food.

Many people that come to see me are surprised when I don’t ask them to stop eating particular foods or ask them to stop particular habits that they deem “unhealthy” straight away. I can recognise when food is being used as support, I do it all the time myself and when people are struggling in life I feel it is ok to use it UNTIL we can introduce some alternatives. What is important is to recognise how food makes you FEEL and how it may be SUPPORTING or NUMBING you . I ask clients to look at what areas in their life they have support and where it may be able to be improved? If people don’t have a lot of physical support in their life through other people I don’t think it is a good idea to take away the other things they are using as support such as food straight away without alternatives being developed. That could leave them with little or no support.

When we can recognise what support looks like to us and how we need it, we can change the way we support ourselves. When food becomes our only support or our only emotional outlet, that is when it can turn from support to a numbing problem. Only you can work out on an individual level when food is no longer serving as a support and causing more of a problem. Recognising how you need to be supported and accessing that support is an essential part of overall wellbeing, however it looks for you.

I draw on my transpersonal coaching skills to specifically look at individual behaviours, lifestyle, your emotions & any specific goals you want to achieve. If you would like to book in for a coaching session please make a booking here

Cassandra x

Cassandra Parrish Nutritionist

Two Week Nourishment Program Before The Silly Season


2 Weeks to Reset the body, Detox, Feel Good and Get Ready For Summer

It has started already, this crazy time of year! When the Calender starts to fill up with social engagements, parties, end of year celebrations. So before it gets really crazy I am proposing a 2 week reset challenge to give your body and mind some extra nourishment before the Silly Season really kicks in.

We can start with the mindset of “I’ll just wait until the New year” or we can realize that there are still 7 weeks before Christmas and you can kick-start some weight loss or start to improve your energy and health way before then! Why wait? A reset could be just what your body needs to kick back into gear and get you feeling good and motivated again.

I am staring this 2 week challenge in 2 weeks time on the 19th of November and it will be finished just in time for December! It really is amazing what can be achieved in 2 weeks and how much better you can feel. If you are feeling sluggish, unmotivated and uninspired then this could be exactly what you need to get your Mojo back.

Everything you need to succeed is included in the program and I have also included 2 consultations with me at the beginning and the end to ensure you stay motivated and know where to go after it is finished. All the details are below, all you need to do is contact me or follow the link to sign up.

2 week Reset Program Includes:
2 x 30 minute consultations (Phone/Online or in Person)
All Supplements
Meal Plans, Shopping List, Allowable Food Lists, Movement suggestions, Nourish Your Mojo List.
$300 (1 payment or 3 weekly payments of $100)

If you would like to join in and feel ready and motivated for summer please contact me or follow the link below to book (2 week Reset Program listed in Programs). Places are filling fast so please get in touch so I can schedule your first consultation in before kick off on the 19th!