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  • Do you want to feel happier & healthier within yourself? 

  • Is it time for you to start prioritising yourself & health?

  • Are you looking for a natural solution to re-balance your health?

  • Are you feeling tired, run down & overwhelmed with life? 

  • Are you ready for change & to move from surviving to thriving?

  • Do you want to lose weight, improve your energy levels & feel like you again?

  • Do you need some support to implement change in your life, physically & emotionally?

  • Have you tried a million things and nothing seems to stick?

Cassandra can help!


Hey, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate you looking into what I do & how I can help you! I am a Nutritionist, Wellness Coach & Clinical Resource Therapist, working online in the Sunshine Coast QLD, for more information please take a look around this site. Below is a little elevator pitch on how I help people.

As a Nutritionist, Wellness Coach & Clinical Resource Therapist I help people ensure their physical and emotional health is able to keep up with their hopes and dreams and them living their own amazing life, however that looks for each individual. I use nutritional medicine (food & supplements) to re-balance people’s physical health & combine this with wellness coaching & Resource Therapy to create lifestyle & long term behavior change.

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Holistic Nutrition

If you are not feeling your best I can help find out whether your body is experiencing imbalance & work to correct it using Nutritional Medicine (food & supplements). I take a holistic and scientific approach to re-balancing our bodies with Nutritional Medicine and I don’t believe in one size fits all approaches. Treatment is individual based on health profile, current biochemistry (blood test results and other functional tests if necessary) and your wellness preferences.

Weight-loss Programs & Metabolic Balance™

I am a licensed Metabolic Balance™ Practitioner and I use this amazing program in combination with Coaching to help clients lose weight, re-balance their metabolism and hormones and improve their lives.

Weight loss can be complicated so I work with the individual and what they are ready for. Coaching is key in weightloss and the biggest point of difference if you chose to come on a weightloss journey with me. There are many emotional and behavioral reasons behind why we make particularly choices in our lives, in my weightloss programs we not only focus on the physical results we focus on behaviours and emotions that go with them!

Corporate Services

I offer Wellness Talks on a variety of topics including stress reduction & general wellbeing, health checks and consultations to the Corporate Sector to improve Employee health, productivity and appreciation.


I run Wellness with Soul workshops, seminars and retreats to share my expertise about nutrition & other health-related topics in a group setting. I empower people to encompass all aspects of health, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Hello! I'm Cassandra


I am a Clinical Nutritionist & Wellness Coach, and I love what I do!
I practice Online via telephone/Zoom and recently moved to the Sunshine Coast QLD.

I specialize in weight loss, mental health, fatigue, digestive health, stress management, emotional health and overall, just helping people prioritize themselves and their physical and psychological health. It is my passion!

Through a combination of nutritional medicine, behaviour change and coaching therapy, I help bring out your best so you can get the most out of your life, your body and your mind. We all need extra support at times, and that is what I offer. I help people ensure their physical and emotional health can keep up with their hopes and dreams and them living their own amazing life. However, that looks for each individual.
I help ensure my clients are taking care of themselves as number one, so they then have enough energy and love to give to others, their work and their life in general.

If you can’t remember when you last felt energised, upbeat and confident, then it could be time for some extra self-care and support. If you’re ready to prioritise yourself and work as a team to help you achieve your goals I can help.

Happy Customers

Thank you so much for your supportive guidance and knowledge Cass. Your empathy. Compassion, insight, and professionalism is unmatched. Thank you so much Lexi

Cassandra, your nutritional advice has been great for me. I think it been about 10 weeks now since I first consulted with you concerning my Hashimotos Condition and the devastating effects of Thyroxin on my gut. Since taking your advice I have managed to come off of my medication (not recommended to those people who are on high doses without medical supervision) and have completely changed my way of eating. I am feeling SO much better - my gut issues are resolving and I have lost 11Kgs easily and effortlessly. Other than daily walks no cardio/boot camps necessary grin emoticon. I am sure I will continue to improve and move back towards full health again in the coming months and seem to be losing weight gently and slowly until I reach my optimal weight. I just want to thank you and recommend you to everyone! Debra

I have been seeing Cassandra for support with weight loss and healthy eating. In the past I have struggled with yo-yo dieting, hence I had times when I lost weight and times when I gained weight.

I am 63 years of age so wanted to get support from Cass around eating healthy as opposed to a diet for weight loss. With Cassandra's support, guidance and her wealth of knowledge and experience, I have been able to completely shift my whole outlook on food and I now find myself on a healthy eating plan and I feel much better within myself. I have lost the bloating and indigestion I struggled with for years and as a bonus, I have also shed some kilos.

I can highly recommend Cassandra Parrish. She has a very holistic, practical approach to honoring and working the whole person. As a Holistic Nutritionist and Wellness coach, Cass was able to find the missing link for me, which was honoring what I actually put into my body. Thank you, Cass, you are amazing! Tam

Cassandra has been my health advisor on and off for the last 10 years. From weight loss to pre and post conception
and now for my children's health, it is just so amazing and I honestly don't make many health decisions without cross-checking it with her.

Her knowledge and the way she brings both nutrition and overall wellness together is a perfect balance anyone could possibly ask for in a practitioner, not to mention the results my family and I have had due to following her professional advice. Jess

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