Why can’t I stick to my wellness goals consistently and get results?

February 21, 2020 By

If we all know what we should do for our health, why don’t we do we do it? Why can’t I get results or start a wellness plan? What are the key areas to look at and overcome when implementation obstacles arise so you can achieve the health you want.

“I know what I ‘should’ be doing but I can’t seem to do it” says most people I see in clinic and myself at times!  

With all the information that is now accessible on the world wide web on wellness, what to eat, how to exercise, how to breathe,  you name it and you will find information on it, why aren’t we all walking around thriving?

This question has a thousand answers, it is multi-faceted and complicated AND the reality is that there is way more to good health than food and exercise!  I’m going to share a few of the key aspects that I believe stop people from implementing real life achievable wellness strategies and what I believe are the key road blocks.

  1.  First off the block is overwhelmed! I feel overwhelmed with my industry and how much information is out there and how much everything has a contradiction and I am trained in this area! I see people all the time that are just confused about where to start, what to actually implement and what will work for them. The reality is that you need to start with what feels achievable and at the same time gets a result. Success breeds success, if you start and fail straight up you won’t keep going! Start with small consistent changes and add to them slowly and seek professional help if you can’t figure it out for yourself.
  2. We have emotions – EMOTIONS ARE DRIVING YOUR LIFE! And let’s face it, a lot of the time, they are out of our awareness and we are functioning in the subconscious. Learning to turn the lens inward and getting to know how you are REALLY feeling and what drives these feelings and what behaviours you are doing when you have these feelings is the KEY to understanding yourself and your patterns. The reason we may not be able to stick to something or we are sabotaging ourselves normally comes back to how we are feeling and how the behaviour we want to change is serving us.
  3. We have hormones – Hormones are also driving your lifeJ! Especially for women! Yes some people have very well behaved and balanced hormones, which is amazing, but for the majority (again mainly women) we have to work hard to keep them in check! I know this story all too well as I have hormones that reek havoc on my body, my mind and my efforts at keeping healthy if I don’t keep them in check. I will discuss hormonal imbalance further in future articles but if you think this is an issue for you and why you aren’t getting the results you want than please see professional help.
  4. We are time poor – overscheduling and the juggling act of life gets in the way of people achieving health goals. We have to create space and time for wellness, we have to actively schedule it in or it won’t happen.
  5. We are stressed & tired and adding extra stuff to out plates can cause us to feel more stressed and tired. This is THE most COMMON thing to get in the way of a person implementing a wellness plan be it weight loss, increasing exercise or sorting out there gut health. Whatever it is you want to achieve, if you are feeling stressed and tired, this HAS TO BE ADDRESSED FIRST! Before you decide to add in going to the gym 5 days a week and detoxing for example sort out the lifestyle factors that need to be sorted out for you to feel less stressed and less tired. Yes exercise and healthy eating help REDUCE stress and INCREASE energy but you need to implement these in a way that doesn’t add to the existing load!
  6. The pain of starting something currently outweighs the pleasure associated with the result we want. The old pain vs pleasure principle, it’s a tricky one, but the reality is that often we wait for something to be bad or painful before we make a change.  This could be emotional or physical but getting the pleasure and pain balance right is key. Let me use myself as an example, I say that I want to be able to do 10 chin ups (I can currently do 1 if thatJ). But I NEVER use the chin up bar outside my office. WHY? Because the perceived pain of starting the process (my arms will hurt & its hard work) is larger in my mind the perceived pleasure of jumping on the bar and pumping out 10 push ups. I want the result without the process of what it takes to get there. The reality is I can’t have that, so unless I make a start and make the perceived pleasure larger than the perceived pain my mind will always talk me out of it! I hope this makes sense, it something to ponder for yourself, what feels like more effort than it’s worth? I will conquer my chin up goal and let you know my progress!

As mentioned there are a thousand individual things that can get in the way of us actually implementing and achieving results in our health and wellness but above are the few that I see all the time personally and professionally and the places I start in my treatments with clients.

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