Corporate Services

Cassandra Parrish

Corporate seminars and workshops

Offers services to the corporate sector, it is her belief that healthy staff equal happy and more productive staff. Employers that offer their staff health incentives such as assessments and health talks can expect  more productivity and appreciation.

Corporate Packages vary and can be individualised to suit your business needs.

Cassandra can be booked for the day or a few hours

Some of the services offered are VLA screenings, wellness talks, lunch and learns, seminars on various topics and in house consultations.

Some Example topics include: Digestive Health (Glorious Guts), Wholefoods (what foods are best), Intermittent Fasting (the benefits and how’s), weight loss (updates), emotional fitness (are you filling up your cup?) and many more!

VLA – Vitality Longevity and Healthy Aging Screenings

VLA are great assessments that can tell people about their body composition, how well they are aging, their body’s age, cell hydration and cell function. It is a quick and easy test that provides people with a snap shot of their health and where improvements may need to be made if any.

Cassandra offers a wide range of educational seminars and talks on different health topics such as; ‘Healthy Weight Loss, ‘Getting Back to Basics’ and ‘How to Improve your Energy and Vitality’. They are fun, interactive and informative.
It can be difficult to sift through all the varying health information out there so why not have an expert do it for you.