I’m a Pagan Of The Good Time

I love the Hozier song Take Me to Church, there is a line in this song that says “I’m a Pagan of the good time”. When I heard it, I thought, ME TOO! I am definitely a Pagan of the good time! Yep, I love a good party and celebration. I wanted to be a singer when I was younger and I swear my inner rock star regularly comes out! I will be the one that wants to stay out late and keep going at the end of the night and the one that dances too much at the party. Have you seen that video going around the internet of the girl in a red dress at a wedding dancing crazy? Well, that is totally me! The dichotomy I have with my rock star self is that, as you would know,IMG_4337 I am also a professional Nutritionist! These two parts of me don’t always see eye to eye on life and what is best for me. My rock star meets my Green Smoothie Goddess and says BORING! My parents loved a good party or get together too, I was raised on them so I guess it is in my DNA.

So, I make it my life’s work to bring these two aspects of myself into some sort of alignment and balance, and then I try to teach that to my patients. What I learn, they learn. I am not the Nutritionist to see if you are looking for perfection. No, that doesn’t work for me and I prefer to be honest with people and real about who I am. I drink some wine, eat chocolate and sometimes even chips and pasta (wowsers, am I going to Nutritionist hell?)! But ALL the time I add extra vegetables, drink green smoothies and juices, fast and try to balance it all out. And if I notice my health is altering or symptoms are popping up that are out of the ordinary I address these through diet, supplementation and other healing modalities. Does my rock star self get in the way of me knowing how to heal your gut, enhance your immune system, help your anxiety, identify nutritional deficiencies or help with your fatigue? Hell no!

So if you are looking for a way to improve your health and wellness from someone who gets the pull to enjoy life! I’m for you! I focus on progress not perfection.

After the Easter weekend I totally need to rein things in as it got a little too crazy up in here! So I am fasting and detoxing and shaming my rock star self and feeling like I filled my cup and completely happy at the same time! Why over joyed with happiness? Because I had fun with my family and that is the best thing for me! What I have realised so far in my quest for balance and whole hearted living is if I don’t let my party self out to play she will roar out with a vengeance. And that’s when shit gets a little crazy. For me, this looks like too much mundane living, doing too much mothering and wifing and not enough for me and not having enough fun! If I include having fun as a priority, like dancing, going to the beach, going out to dinner with friends & being a little crazy in my every day, I can see things stay within balance. We all need to be real and human however that looks for us, some people are the masters of balance and others are learning and in the end it’s all fucking good!

Love Cassandra x

PS. Go on and dance like no one is watching and see how good it really feels! Increase your endorphins and gain more energy from fun and laughter.

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Article: Energy and Vitality

Fatigue and lack of energy is one the most common issues I hear from clients in clinic. With our ever increasing busy lifestyles who couldn’t do with a little more energy to help them get through the day? Our energy levels will naturally vary from person to person and there are a lot of environmental factors that can affect this such as; quality of sleep, what we eat and drink and stress levels.

I decided to put together some simple tips on how to improve energy and vitality through diet and supplementation. By simply implementing a few of these you won’t be falling asleep at work during the 3 o’clock slump!

Let’s face it, what you put in you get out!

If I decide to eat foods high in sugar, saturated fat and lacking in essential nutrients then I can expect to feel sluggish and run down. If I fuel up with fresh foods as close to their natural state as possible I can expect to feel energized and full of vitality. Fresh will always be best! It can be simplified as this “alive foods create an ‘alive’ feeling dead foods create a ‘dead’ feeling”.

Fluctuations in blood sugar are a massive cause of energy highs and lows. Many people are walking around with crazy blood sugar and insulin levels. To stabilize your blood sugar and avoid the huge fluctuations choose low Glycemic Index (GI) carbohydrates. The higher the GI the higher the blood sugar fluctuation.  The mid afternoon slump won’t be as bad if you choose to have a yummy salad for lunch filled with nuts and seeds, protein and an array of coloured vegetables.

Drink water! We here this over and over again but still most of the population walk around dehydrated. Dehydrated cells are tired cells, they cannot function as well as they need to. Water also helps carry the water soluble vitamins around the body. Aim for 2 litres of water per day. Coffee and tea don’t count, you can’t clean your car with them nor can you clean your body with them.

Exercise! Exercise gets the oxygen moving around the body and helps clear the mind not to mention all the other added health benefits I don’t have enough space to mention. Aim for at least 30 minutes every day.

Take practitioner quality supplements. In an ideal world we would get exactly what we need from our diets but the reality is in this day and age we generally don’t. Apples and other fruits and vegetables that are stored for 6-18months before we eat them just don’t have the same nutritional content as ones that are picked fresh and eaten within a few days/weeks. A quality multi vitamin and mineral complex, fish oil (omega 3’s) and probiotic can ensure topping up on what is generally missing from our diets.

Low energy can be a serious issue for many people and there is absolutely no reason to walk around with low energy levels and not feeling full of life. Lack of energy and vitality is your body’s way of telling you that you are out of balance. If you are not feeling 100% I would recommend investigating it further. Hemaview™ or Live Blood Analysis can assist you to screen for health limiting processes, such as: Inflammation, Oxidative Stress, Reduced Nutritional Status, Poor Liver Function, Reduced Digestive Integrity and Impaired Immune Performance.


If you want to know how well your cells are functioning Book in for a VLA – Vitality Longevity and Healthy Full of energy and vitalityAging Screening. Feel younger and more alive with Cellular Health Analysis By measuring your key biological markers of ageing, Cellular Health Analysis will help improve your health, slow the ageing process and restore your youthful vitality. If you are tired of feeling tired then consider your health as a priority, you deserve it!


Cassandra Parrish

Nutritionist and Wellness Coach



5 Easy to Implement Health Tips

  • Make your health a priority in your life

  • Drink more water (filtered if possible) – minimum 2 litres per day

  • Eat more fruit and vegetables – fruit minimum 2 per day and try to eat vegetables with lunch and dinner

  • Increase awareness of Posture & “Move more” – take the stairs!

  • Be thankful or have gratitude for something everyday

1.    Make health a priority

“What’s the point of working as hard as you do to grow your business if you can’t reap the benefits of a quality lifestyle in the future”. It’s important to prioritise & care for yourself so you have enough energy and vitality to enjoy life.

2.    Drink more water

A lot of minor health complaints can be alleviated from simply drinking more water. Majority of the population are dehydrated. Coffee and Tea is not included- caffeine actually dehydrates.

3.    Eat more Fruit and Vegetables

Eat as close to nature as possible and eating more fruit and vegetables will ensure you are receiving adequate amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals as well as the innate life force within these foods. Without these essential nutrients the body ages & breaks down faster!

4.    Awareness of Posture & Move more

Poor posture puts stress on the body & nervous system & increases the risk of degenerative arthritis & poor health. Make the conscious choice to move more, take the stairs & get up out of your chair more throughout the day.

5.    Have gratitude DAILY

When we are grateful or giving thanks for things in our life, no matter how small, we are in a happier/ more positive frame of mind. It is amazing how much more motivated and full of energy we can be when we are in this state of mind. Say thank you for as many things as you can think of every day & observe your improved emotional wellbeing!